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shmitah torah

שמיטה תורה

Pastel drawing copyright (c) by Marcia Lee Falk, http://www.marciafalk.com

a journey of embodiment in the wild / 5782

about shmitah torah

For this entire sabbatical year of Shmitah (September 2021 – September 2022), I am sojourning away from home and exploring the experience of embodiment, making the care of my physical body my highest priority.

Each week, I search the Torah portion (parashat) for inspiration related to my daily experience and my own continuing life journey, as well as my connection with all that is divine and sacred and holy. I try to read the parashat for the coming week on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, so that I can hold it as a frame for my activities and contemplations throughout the week.

These Shmitah Torah offerings are not so much Torah commentary as they are reflections along my journey of embodiment throughout the Shmitah year, gleaning insight from each weekly Torah portion as a way to frame and share my experience.


The Shimtah Year
& 7-Year Cycles

AV / ELUL 5781

The Lead Up to My Shmitah Journey


Weekly Reflections
on the Inner Journey

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